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Meet Resilient Pathways!

Resilient Pathways developed out of the collaboration between Christine Pennington and Suzanna LoMagno.  Both previous educators, these two friends saw opportunities to revolutionize and change how trauma and adversity are addressed within schools and rural communities. With a goal to uplift children and empower families, they have developed strategies that transform schools and communities!  Christine and Suzanna present engaging and valuable professional developments and have established a family resource center in Mecklenburg County, Virginia. Their family resource center provides youth and families with additional support programs designed to build stronger, more resilient family units and help youth reset negative behaviors.Resilient Pathways is based on the principle of empowering young minds to be resilient and overcome life's adversity. Every child can achieve with encouragement, support, and consistent cheerleaders! Additionally, LoMagno and Pennington penned Reinventing the Wheel! Creating Cohesive Learning Communities, literary work which outlines effective strategies for schools to develop stronger trauma-sensitive approaches and build connections among staff & students.

Relationships and connections grow from the language we use, whether positive or negative!  Our words have the ability to build relationships and create positivity.  When partnered with consistent, caring support, our language has the ability to transform lives and build resiliency! Resilient Pathways was founded on the belief that all children are important and they should feel valued.  As we build connections, we increase self-esteem, self-control, and help

children develop a vision for the future.

As a former student,  I want to thank Ms. LoMagno and Mrs. Pennington. The different skills I learned helped me to establish skills I was lacking. Social and emotional intelligence is something I never knew was crucial in helping me grow as a person! After learning all about the different necessities of becoming the best version of myself, I worked my way out of the program. I will never forget how much of a help you guys were.-AL

"Suzanna and Christine have drastically changed the way I connect with the families I work with. Their empowering approach to early interventions has taught me how to set logical and attainable goals for these families — and to do so with encouragement.” -GH

 Too often we forget that discipline really means to TEACH, not to punish. A disciple is a student, not a recipient of behavioral consequences.
~Dr. Dan Siegel, The Whole-Brain Child

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Resilient Pathways believes all people deserve to be empowered to control the destiny of their lives. We help children and families grow beyond trauma, providing resiliency tools and strategies to strengthen the child and the family unit. When you uplift children and their families, over time the community prospers.


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Thank you for your interest!

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