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Read the Book That Built a Friendship &
Created a Partnership!

Book 1

Hope in the Darkness: Suzi and Lulu's CoVid 19 Journey is a historical fiction whih hi-lights the importance of diverse friendships, resilience, and overcoming barriers for the betterment of a community. This book is a great addition to classroom libraries.  Purchase Now for $14.99 with shipping and handling included.

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~ Hope in the Darkness came right on time! Students and families were unaware of the pandemic many months ago. Now, they are living through it...some are more aware than others about how to cope with the confusion, chaos, despair, and loneliness that arises when schools and companies close down. This book relives those moments and offers us hope for the future.
I love how the authors also add coping skills and important facts within the story.
The illustrations are wonderful as they depict all people of various ages and ethnicities. A must read for all!!

~Suzi and Lulu snapshot the challenges faced, during the COVID-19 pandemic. They offer the reader hope and will inspire you to reconnect with friends, family, and community.

~Hope in the Darkness is a great resource to include in reinforcing social emotional learning. Not only is it informative, but it also gives tips on how to handle situations that require methods of dealing with mental and emotional stress. I am looking forward to incorporating it in my read aloud. It is a compelling and inspiring tale that encapsulates the reality of our times.

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