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The Work We Do

With a collaborative effort, families, schools, and communities create successful humans!

Uplifting Youth, Empowering Families, Transforming Communities!

We provide community-based services for youth and families to find their inner confidence, self-worth, and drive to overcome life's adversity. Resilient Pathways also works with families, community agencies, and schools to transform youth behaviors through building connections across home, school, and community. Our programs provide the tools for families and youth to overcome trauma and life's adversity, leading them to become productive citizens of our global community.

Resilient Pathways prides itself on providing services which meet the needs of families across our community. Every family face challenges. With the right supports, resilience is built, and families become stronger and more unified.

We are excited to serve Southside Virginia!

Our Chase City office is a fabulous space to facilitate community-based services for children and families.  We work with other community agencies to ensure families feel supported and have a clear understanding of available programs and benefits

 within our county. We help bridge connections between citizens and

community agencies to ensure needs are met.

Additionally, we host programs which assist families going through separation or divorce. We also have court endorsed programs that help children to reset negative behavior patterns and help families examine each member's role and their importance within the family unit.

Life Coaching

Family and Youth Mentorship Programs

Parenting & Co-Parenting Classes

Life Skills 

Truancy Prevention Programs 

Supervised Visitation & Mediation Services

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to assist families, communities, and schools with the tools needed to create healthy, successful humans! We believe through collaboration, effective communication, and the investment of time, we can help youth and families overcome adversity and live more fulfilling, resilient lives.

Youth Conference
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Image by Nathan Anderson

We are humbled to have turned our passion into an opportunity to connect, support, and build relationships with members of our community.


Our hope is that every child and family find their inner confidence, self worth, and drive to overcome trauma and life’s adversity. It is our honor to watch youth change negative behaviors and families unify and grow stronger.

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