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With a collaborative effort, families, schools, and communities

create successful humans!


The Work We Do!

Uplifting Youth, Empowering Families, Transforming Communities!

Resilient Pathways works with families, community agencies, and schools to transform youth behaviors through building connections across home school, and community. Our programs provide the tools for youth to overcome trauma and life's adversity, leading them to become productive citizens of our global community.

Resilient Pathways prides itself on providing services which help court-involved youth get back on track and provide support for families as a whole. Our programs are evidence based and meet the requirements of juvenile court services.  


 Our office is a fabulous space to offer community-based services for youth and families. We offer programs to assist children and families overcome adversity, navigate various challenges, and grow stronger as a family unit. We have programs that meet the needs of youth and families across our community through strong curriculum that has been proven to yield positive results.

  • Life Coaching

  • Family and Youth Mentorship Programs

  • Parenting and Family Unity Classes

  • Life Skills 

  • Truancy Prevention Programs -12

  • Building Empowered Citizens Camp (BECC): Offered during summer for ages 8-12


Resilient Pathways is based on the principle that education must be designed to support the individual learner. Education does not just occur in classroom settings, nor does it just involve the child.  Positive connections make a lasting impact on children. Positive support provides families the needed encouragement to improve the family dynamics and create stronger family bonds.

The Pupil Premise™ is a specialized approach that bridges home, school, and community. It examines who the influencers are in a child's life and how collectively they make an imprint on a child's emotional and academic health. Resilient Pathways offers programs that build stronger bridges for at-risk youth.  In addition to our Family Resource Center, we provide workshops and trainings that inspire and empower families and educators to connect with children.  All workshops are available both virtually and in person.


Resilient Pathways continues to write and publish works which help families and educators feel supported in an ever-changing world.  We are educators!  We know as the needs of children and families continue to evolve, so must our techniques. In order for children and families to thrive, they must feel emotionally supported.  Our works look to identify what are the weaknesses within community and education and how can we tackle them to ensure communities, families, and educators feel empowered and become more resilient.


Our vision is for families, communities, and schools to help create happy, successful humans! We envision families thriving with the right supports which create stronger, healthier children and family units.  Healthy relationships build resilience and productive individuals.     

Helping Hands

    Resilient Pathways is enthusiastic about teaching techniques which engage and empower youth & families to build resiliency!

   We are humbled to have turned our passion into an opportunity to serve the communty we love!

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