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Resilient Pathways:

A Family Resource Center

We are dedicated to helping families thrive and strengthening our community! At Resilient Pathways, we understand the diverse challenges that families face. Our mission is to provide comprehensive support and resources to enhance the well-being of every family. From parenting classes to personal development services, and community engagement programs, we offer a wide range of programs tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals and families. Discover the support you need at Resilient Pathways, your trusted and nurturing partner on the journey of family growth and resilience!

May 21st
Women Uplifting Women:
A Night of Celebration!


We are here to help

Our programs provide the tools for children and families to overcome trauma and life's adversity, leading them to become productive citizens of our global community.

We offer programs to assist children and families navigate specific challenges, develop resilience, and grow stronger as a family unit. Our programs meet the needs of children and families across our community. 

Additionally, Resilient Pathways provides services which help court-involved youth get back on track and provides support for families as a whole.

Our programs are evidence based and been proven to yield positive results.

Our Programs
Trusting Others

Relationships and connections grow from the language we use, whether positive or negative!  Our words have the ability to build connections and create positivity.  When partnered with consistent, caring support, our language has the ability to transform lives and build resiliency!


Resilient Pathways was founded on the belief that all children are important and they should feel valued.  As we build connections, we increase self-esteem, self-control, and help

children develop a vision for the future.

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Resilient Pathways believes all people deserve to be empowered to control the destiny of their lives. We help children and families grow beyond trauma, providing resiliency tools and strategies to strengthen the child and the family unit.


When you uplift children and their families, over time the community prospers.

Upcoming Events
Ramping Up For Camp!

126 N. Main Street Chase City

July 2024: We will host three week long camps

 Our week-long, half day (9-1) camps are fun and engaging and educational too! The camps are designed for rising 4th-8th graders. 

JULY 8-12: BANANA SPLITS: An engaging camp that helps kids cope with separation from a parent. Regardless of the reason, change is difficult. We blend support and fun together to help kids become

more resilient and adjust to new life circumstances.

JULY 15-19: HOW TO BE A mean (NICE) GIRL: Teaching girls modern etiquette and how to embrace self-love and self-confidence. Empowering young ladies to be authentically unique!

JULY 22-26: YOUNG MEN OF DISTINCTION:  Empowering young men to be strong leaders and positive role models. This fun-packed camp helps foster positive behaviors and a clear vision for the future.


Resilient Pathways Logo
About Us

Resilient Pathways developed out of the collaboration between Christine Pennington and Suzanna LoMagno. Both previous educators, these two friends saw opportunities to revolutionize and change how trauma and adversity are addressed within schools and rural communities. With a goal to uplift children and empower families, they have developed strategies that transform families and communities! 


Christine and Suzanna present engaging and valuable professional developments and have established a family resource center in Mecklenburg County, Virginia. Their family resource center provides youth and families with additional support programs designed to build stronger, more resilient family units and help youth reset negative behaviors. Resilient Pathways is based on the principle of empowering young minds to be resilient and overcome life's adversity. Every child can achieve with encouragement, support, and consistent cheerleaders!


Additionally, LoMagno and Pennington penned Reinventing the Wheel! Creating Cohesive Learning Communities, a literary work which outlines effective strategies for schools to develop stronger trauma-sensitive approaches and build connections among staff & students.

Together, LoMagno and Pennington created Resiliency Pathways and designed The Pupil PremiseTM The Pupil PremiseTM centers around developing a healthy human by identifying the key influencers in a child’s life and leveraging the support needed to encourage and build resilience. Together they have authored two books and have worked closely with families and school districts to find constructive ways to improve children's behavior and strengthen the family as a whole. 

Suzanna and Christine are currently partnering with community organizations to find cohesive ways to prevent recidivism in court-involved youth and provide support to strengthen families. This program is focused on building resiliency to overcome trauma and redeem the positive traits in a child, so they may achieve their vision for the future.

Meet the Founders
Founders, Christine Pennington & Suzanna LoMagno
Suzanna LoMagno

Suzanna LoMagno is an educator, author, and consultant who works with families and other educators to find innovative and sustainable solutions to prevent transgressional behaviors. Her areas of expertise include online/hybrid learning, designing innovative learning experiences, conflict resolution, and community building. 


    During her more than 24 years in education, Suzanna has taught elementary and higher education at S.U.N.Y. Stony Brook in the Anthropology Dept. She also served in a district-level leadership position as a Conflict Resolution Coordinator in Riverhead, NY. Her time in NYC Public Schools has given Suzanna the opportunity to connect with students, families, and the communities she has worked with. Suzanna is focused on improving community well-being and breaking the cycle of generational trauma.

Founders, Christine Pennington & Suzanna LoMagno
  Christine Pennington

Christine Pennington is an educator, author, and consultant with over twenty years of public and private education experience.  Her passion for teaching and community extends beyond the classroom in the multiple civic roles she has held to promote community and student resiliency. 


Christine has served as the chair for the Virginia Tiered System of Support and currently serves on the board of her local Trauma Informed Community Network. Christine is also an adjunct professor for the College Within Walls program through Southside Community College.


With a background in special education and counseling and a certification as a trauma specialist, the emotional needs of children and families are always at the forefront of her focus. 

Our Mission

Our Mission is to assist families, communities, and schools with the tools needed to create healthy, successful humans! We believe through collaboration, effective communication, and the investment of time, we can help youth and families overcome adversity and live more fulfilling, resilient lives.

We are humbled to have turned our passion into an opportunity to connect, support, and build relationships with members of our community.

 Our hope is that every child and family find their inner confidence, self worth, and drive to overcome trauma and life’s adversity. It is our honor to watch youth change negative behaviors and families unify and grow stronger.

Image by Hannah Busing

"As a former student, I want to thank Ms. LoMagno and Mrs. Pennington. The different skills I learned helped me to establish skills I was lacking. Social and emotional intelligence is something I never knew was crucial in helping me grow as a person! After learning all about the different necessities of becoming the best version of myself, I worked my way out of the program. I will never forget how much of a help you guys were."

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126 N. Main Street Chase City, VA 23924


(434) 210 0794 / (434) 210 6970



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