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The Season Is Here!

I look in the mirror so often and wonder where the years have gone! Looking at my grown children reminds me that I was that age just a blink ago. Although the younger years have passed more quickly than I could have ever imagined, they were packed with so much learning and living! Not all the living was consistently beautiful, but there were always beautiful moments. When I think about the season of life I am in now, I know it is a season of action! There is a sense of determination that comes when you realize you are closer to the golden years than the mid-life years.

All the seasons of life have played a vital role in my transformation into the person I was authentically meant to be. I believe we are who we are designed to be in every era of our lives, but we evolve. As we learn, we grow. As we grow, we change and evolve into the person the next season in our life is designed for.

For much of my life, my timid, fearful self was holding me back from speaking my heart and actively pursuing my passions. My children are now in places in life where they are making decisions and creating their mark on this world. I could not be prouder to watch how boldly and passionately each one is living! And they are my reminder, THE SEASON IS HERE! One huge lesson I have learned is that there is not a season of life where we should not be authentic and fully embrace who we are! Life is far too short! Although we change and evolve, we always carry a piece of the past season with us! Sometimes the good and sometimes the bad. It is our job to fight hard against anything that tugs so hard on us, that it stops us from moving forward. Don't carry hatred, for you are the one who will suffer the most. Don't carry grudges, because the burden of them will weigh you down more than anyone else. Don't focus on what went wrong. Focus on all the beautiful moments within the seasons. Those are the moments that gave you the strength to push on. Those memories will help you muster the courage to tackle the next season in life. And through every challenge and hurdle, remember, THIS IS THE SEASON! Chin up, push on, and live your most authentic and beautiful life! ~Christine

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